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Welcome to site! Here for you are presented works, namely on development and design, these works you can see here. If it is necessary - to order. Each work becomes on proposals of the client, for me the client's opinion is more important than mine. I develop as you want it. Every day I study new technologies and their application, communication with A person and environment. Creative approach to development allows to interest people in advance of this development, and with pride you can prove to be Perth other people. For the result of the works developed by me I would like to thank: Pylypets school
Pilipets school,
Transcarpathian state university
Uzhgorod national university
institute of the latest technologies Chornovil
institute of the latest technologies,
Kyiv polytechnic institute
Only hard work can yield the best fruits. I wish you success in your achievements!

I would like to thank those who gave me real knowledge, which I use now, namely: Bitlyan Ivan, Polyak Stepan, Lyapun Alexander, Vladimir Kolosov, Kazybrid Vasyl, Bezeha Ivan, Drobnych Miroslava, Drobnych Alex, Matyashovska Byata, Huranych Pavel, Popadych Elena, Uhryn Larisa, Shumilo Natalia, Byba Lybov, Sergei Vasiliev, Kopcha-Haryachkina Galina, Betsa Anna, Panko Oksana, Yurash Victoria, Budzko Yaroslav. These people deserve respect.

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